Be Passionate, Be Inspired!

As we begin to move through the year 2017, I wanted to offer my thoughts regarding a topic that many post quotes about but few discuss. Perhaps passion and inspiration have been beaten to death by bloggers and artists. Perhaps the words said fall on deaf ears. Nevertheless, I implore you to take a few minutes and consider what I say to you. Who knows, it might just be the catalyst that takes you on a whole new adventure!

Let’s begin with passion, shall we? Whatever you do throughout life, at the very least, eek out a part that is just for you. Feed those things which feed your soul. I know, I know, that sounds “artsy” but please allow me to explain. A sense of joy, or at the very least a sense of contentment, comes from our interests. Often people are so busy that they do not stop to think about what and who really makes them happy. We get caught up in ourselves and the rat race. Naturally, we all have things and tasks that must be done, regardless of our level of interest in doing them. Perhaps the most notable of these is our work. I always say that work is work, but take the time to discern whether or not what you are doing allows you to wake up each morning and be able to say, “This is a pretty good day. I like what I do and am happy to be lucky enough to do it.” For me personally, I am an educator, author, video reviewer and stop motion animator, to name a few. Like you, perhaps I will never be the best, rich or a “master” of these things, but I can say that I honestly enjoy them all for their own reasons. Each one feeds a part of who I am as a person, be it geek, artist, story teller or simply one who craves imparting knowledge that hopefully helps the next generation to thrive. This doesn’t mean I succeed everyday or that I don’t get frustrated but it does mean that I am always enthused about putting in the effort. Hopefully, those who discover me and my work take a chance on me and agree. Furthermore, I don’t want to be a “master”, and neither should you. We grow and improve by always researching and learning. Naturally, if we are connected to something…anything, then we are more prone to learn about it. If we are a complete “master”, then where is the drive? Where is our motivation if we have nowhere left to grow?

So, here is my advice, and for the record, this is advice I often give young people just starting out to college, university and life in general – be smart. Yeah, that sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Here’s what I mean, stop and look in the mirror. Ask yourself, “Who and what am I? Who and what do I like?” It might range anywhere from woodworking, carpentry, welding, hockey, football, plumbing, teaching, medicine, writing, acting and so on. Next, resolve yourself to be true to who you are. Stop trying to “fit” into a mold and ideology of what others think you are or what they think you should be. Become comfortable in your own skin and if others dislike that, be gracious. Let them dislike it, that is their freedom of choice. Pay no mind to it because it DOES NOT detract from your personhood. As Dr. Seuss said, “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” Take pride in your own worth and don’t let others define that aspect of you. Of course, we all adhere to certain social conventions, we have to, but there is still room to be uniquely you. From there, I tell people to be pragmatic. Now you know what you like and who you are as a human being. Begin to understand what that can mean for your long term life. In this information age, knowledge is as simple as an internet search. Look up the things that interest you, find others of like mind, see what sort of jobs and businesses in which you might be able to partake. Perhaps you will be an entrepreneur or, again, at the very least, look for job ads. See if what you like can make money. Furthermore, see what sort of credentials these jobs require. Get the facts to get direction. Don’t waste time and money on things that you either dislike or are complete dead ends. Finally, resolve yourself to being patient while working very, very hard. Success isn’t magic and rarely comes overnight. Will you be rich or a star in six months? Not likely. It can happen, but not likely. It will probably take several years. We all need to start at the bottom and keep learning and working to make our way up. Believe in yourself, what you are giving to the world and others will believe in you too, sooner or later. There you have it, our passion is based on interests which should be true to who we are as people, regardless of what others think. Use that as a jumping off point to look at job ads and work opportunities that can help you be happy and, hopefully, at least moderately successful in life. Learn what you love and what is required and then study the craft and just plain do it!

As you might well expect, this leads directly into inspiration. After all, we are inspired because of three things – what we enjoy, what we see others do who work in the same field and our own personal determination. It isn’t rocket science, we all input effort the best if we think about things, ask questions and have a legitimate interest in the answers we find. No one has ever gotten anywhere without effort and effort rarely shows itself unless we are substantially motivated. As a side note, I LIKE to believe that the work I do in all facets sometimes serves to motivate and inspire others too. It is the idea of, “if I can do it, so can you.” We all succeed a little bit more when others like us also succeed. I’m not at all being pretentious, I just hope that whatever it is that I have to offer the world…is good. And, I hope that what you have to offer is good as well!

As always, I ask that you check out my work, especially The Everything Factor and Machinery of Man.

Happiest of New Years and make this the one where you keep striving to be the best you that you can be. Make this the one where you work to make the world we all share better for yourself and others. And…good luck in doing so!


10 Things I am Thankful for in 2016

As Canadians prepare for our Thanksgiving holiday this weekend, it seemed like a prime opportunity to recount ten things that I am thankful for this year.

Making a list like this can be challenging or easy, depending on the particular year in question. However, it is an activity that can prove to be quite beneficial. Why? The answer is simple – each of us gets wrapped up in our own troubles, worries and concerns, big and small, that we often forget to keep balance. Pausing to count the people and things that we do have in our favour might just serve to lift our spirits and provide a dose of perspective. Naturally, this is my own list and yours could be completely different.

I also acknowledge those who are struggling to find things that they could put on their lists. Sometimes the challenges in life seem very overwhelming, but take comfort in the notion that YOU are not alone and that everyone sometimes feels that way. In fact, perhaps it is extra beneficial for those feeling sad, angry or just plain downtrodden to take a thankful pause.

Whatever your circumstances, I invite you to see my list and consider what items on it you might share. Also, by all means, let me know some of yours too.

10. My home – It might not be the biggest or the best. I might not have every gadget and I would enjoy a few points of remodelling. However, I am safe and warm. That alone is a win.

9. My mind – I, like many, am lucky to have a brain that can think, create, decide, postulate, ask questions and draw conclusions. It really is a marvelous thing that we rarely think about, pardon the pun.

8. The sun, moon and rain – These are natures gifts and each has a time and place. They are powerful forces that can save lives or shake them. It is amazing to consider the totality of the universe and its vastness. Being able to witness parts of it first hand is a gift that is greater than any we can give one another.

7. Food and clean water – It might seem silly to some people. However, we all know that not everywhere has clean, safe drinking water and not all people have full bellies.

6. My supporters – Anyone who knows anything about me realizes that I am the author of The Everything Factor, on Amazon, and Machinery of Man, on channillo. Others may also know me from my work on my YouTube channel as Dennis Moulton AKA GotBot, which is a completely different venture catering to my rampant geekdom. I am lucky to have several people support my work through various methods. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have the support of so many folks. I am extremely grateful and, hopefully, I will live to reach many others who don’t know me yet.

5. My creativity – Admittedly, this is an offshoot of my mind. However, there are people who are complete geniuses and will claim they don’t have a creative bone in their body. I like to think that they do but haven’t yet discovered it. I feel lucky to have mine. I feel fortunate that I can weave ideas, tell stories and, hopefully, prove to be informative, entertaining and, yes, MAYBE even inspiring time-to-time.

4. My health – We can do so many amazing things that we don’t even think about…until something goes wrong. Never take what you can do yourself for granted because our health is what allows everything else we do to flow. Without it, the struggle carries so much more weight.

3. My “geekdom” – Always embrace who you are. Be comfortable in your own skin and don’t try to be like everyone else. You are entitled to enjoy whatever you enjoy, as long as it doesn’t do harm to yourself or others. I myself have a very healthy “geek” side and am lucky to be not only comfortable with it but cherish it, as well as he collection of geek oddities I have amazed.

2. Other creators and artists – I appreciate the inspiration I get from everyone who has come before me. These include sci-fi creators, authors, artists, actors, directors, video game producers and anyone else who has fed my own passion for sharing ideas across several mediums.

1.Friends and family – This is, perhaps, the most important one. I hope that no one in my life ever believes I take them for granted. I most assuredly do not. I would not have the opportunities to do what I do if it was not for their input, help, guidance, assistance and patience. I count this as a blessing everyday, even if I don’t say it everyday. I love them  dearly and am eternally grateful. I cannot repay the color they have splashed into my world which would, likely, otherwise have remained quite grey. I am particularly grateful for Starscream girlfriend and the scraplets (For anyone in the know) otherwise known as Sam, Brayden and Landyn, and my parents. This is not to mention my extended family and friends circle. I am indebted to you always.

So, that’s it from me, my entire list for the year 2016. I hope you found something on it to which you can relate. I also hope that you have many more that you can add yourself.

Be grateful. Take care of yourself and those around you. Keep reading.

Until next time, folks, Happy Thanksgiving!


10 Reasons to Check out Machinery of Man

Machinery of Man has been moving ahead with monthly installments for several months. Support keeps growing, which I am glad to see for a project that is published as an experiment. That might sound peculiar but that is exactly why I thought it was high time I address just why a reader might want to check out Machinery of Man. As such, here are ten reasons!

10. It is a new type of reading experience. – Serial fiction was common half a century ago, with new installments releasing weekly, bi-weekly or monthly in magazines. It was a way to keep readers coming back for more while presenting entertaining and sometimes riveting stories. It is a medium that died out in the digital age, for the most part. However, with so many sites and blogs in existence now, it is beginning to make a come back! I wasn’t sure about embarking on publishing in this manner, but it has proved to be quite rewarding. I like cliffhangers (as long as I know the answer is coming sooner than later) and this allows me to both read and create in that fashion.

9. Have you checked out Channillo? – I note this question/reason separately. While this is the exclusive home to Machinery of Man, it is a site that offers readers so much more.  Naturally, checking it out is a good reason to look up Machinery of Man, but vice versa is also true- Machinery of Man is a good reason to check out the site. It is a cheap subscription service for readers where you can simultaneously read the works of up to ten authors. Once you are finished with a story, you can unsubscribe and subscribe to others. So, I invite you to read my work, indeed, but also that of several other creative people!

8. Nearing a climax! – As I keep working on the scheduled release dates for new installments, the story is progressing nicely and will likely be available in its completion by the end of the year or shortly thereafter. If you have been waiting to read it in its totality, then the wait will soon be over!

7. It is environmentally topical. – It asks if we are destroying the world with our energy consumption and whether or not new technologies are making the problem worse.

6. It questions whether or not our technology and machines will save us or live to destroy us. – Many have postulated the idea that mankind is reaching a technological apex. What happens when and if that occurs?

5. It shows a person’s struggle to advocate for and believe in their own personal convictions. – In the face of  massive opposition, Doug Vasiter speaks bravely in defense of his Denathynol project. Will his work help the world or annihilate it?

4. A sci-fi mystery is always unpredictable! – I enjoy the possibilities that Science Fiction offers us. It deals with common topics but in novel ways. Something the strains are obvious and abundant, other times they are more subdued. Machinery of Man takes place in our real-life, modern, everyday world…but with a distinct twist that is kept shrouded.

3. It keeps you guessing! – Part of the fun of a good story is trying to not only figure out what is unfolding, but attempting to understand who is on who’s side. Nuggets of information get dropped, motives change and allegiances get tested in Machinery of Man.

2. There are threats from every angle. – Mental and physical dangers abound as Doug keeps striving to do what he believes is right!

1.It changes our universe! – Okay, that one sounds profound. However, in the context of the story, we are eventually presented with an out-of-this-world truth that puts everything we have always believed into question. How we exist, why we exist and the value of our life are all shattered when the reality of the situation, and is gravity, comes to light.

There are ten reasons to check out Machinery of Man and channillo! It is great reading on planes, long drives, cold winter nights when you can snuggle with your favorite blanket and tablet. Go ahead, lose yourself in an adventure for a little while. I know you have options for who and what entertains you. If you are someone who has or is jumping on board, I thank you and welcome you. Just remember to beware the hand of machine!

Where do you get ideas?

So, it has been awhile since my last blog and I thought I would address a question that I have often been asked – where do I get my ideas? Some time ago, I covered the basic steps to writing and publishing. I guess you could call it a beginner’s guide. However, early on, I said it all starts with an idea. The question still remains though, where do people get ideas from?

That’s a fair question, to be honest. It is also one that applies to anyone who creates anything – from musicians, to scientists, to artists, to film makers and writers. The short answer is one word – imagination! You have to have thoughts and ideas to generate more thoughts and ideas. Sounds simple enough, right?

Indeed, it is simple. Creativity comes in a variety of forms and at varied levels. For some people, they overflow with it. For others, it is more latent and needs to be brought out. I think much of that level depends on inspiration too. Folks get inspired by a quote, melody, weather pattern, life challenge or any other number of seemingly mundane things.

Personally speaking, I ALWAYS have my mind going a mile a minute. However, I could never recall all of my ideas. So, what do I do? Well, because my mind never stops, I figure it is safe to say that in order to be creative you have to be a little messed up, so to speak. In other words, you need to, at the very least, consider possibilities and motivations. Usually, this begins with a nugget of an idea or a simple question. Hopefully, the more you ponder it, the more you build upon it. Eventually, you may have a raging inferno of thought. I tend to consider the infinite possibilities in the universe and ask, “what if…” a lot!!! Also, every single nugget that comes to me, usually they are seemingly unrelated, I write down. Maybe some notions will never be used. Maybe several will prove to have a common link. That’s the fun of creating! You can do as little or as much as fits your needs. The real key is never to stop thinking!

What do you create? How do you create it? How does it apply to your life? Can it apply and be of interest to others? These questions are what makes up the crux of the goal of getting ideas. Now I ask you, where do you get ideas? What do you do with those ideas? How do you record them? Either way, and whatever your answers, make sure you share your ideas with the world, after all, they will be a part of the legacy that is you!

The Literary Experiment

Recently, I undertook an interesting literary experiment by choosing to present my newest work, Machinery of Man, as a piece of serialized fiction. The real question is – how has the experiment been going?

Let’s get something straight, serialized fiction is NOT a new idea. In fact, it was once par for the course with new “chapters” coming out in weekly, bi weekly or monthly magazines. In the digital age, this concept can be revisited in a new way. Increasingly, we are moving to a paperless world (though some of us still prefer paper). I Digress, in the new age we can access anything online, including literature. This is both a blessing and a curse as we get mountains of work which are a mix of high and low quality. Often, authors rush works without proper editing. So, we, as readers, must dig ever deeper. Part of doing that is discovering new ways to publish, present and distribute work. As such, serialized fiction is making a come back.

Thus far, I have been posting a chapter a month for Machinery of man and slowly but steadily growing a following. Like any book, it has a map with a beginning, middle and end. In fact, it is the elongated version of a short story I wrote. It is exciting, as an author, to monthly release a new piece of work. I am hoping to increase frequency through the summer.

Here is what we must ask as this digital interpretation of an old idea increases – can it work? I think so. We do live in a world of immediacy where people have many demands on their time. While certain folks enjoy a read beginning to end in one fell swoop, others like to be able to read a few pages at a time. It can work but won’t be a medium that appeals to every reader. However, here is the nice thing, usually you can read a few series simultaneously. I do this myself and since parts are short, it is easy to switch back and forth between stories.

When the opportunity came up to present a work in a novel fashion I jumped on it and knew Machinery of Man was just the right project for this. With one ebook out, another in pre production and work continuing on the third, I am glad that I can bring this serial series in the meantime. There is always something new to see and read.

The jury is still out on the longevity of this type of writing and presenting but, as an author, it is fun. I encourage you all to expand your reading horizons like I am doing. Check out Machinery of Man and a new world of reading, you just might learn that you’ve been missing out on a fun format the whole time.

That’s it for now! In the meantime, happy reading and keep dreaming!

New Machinery of man installment is UP! Strength in Numbers!

Doug Vasiter loves his daughter, Camille and his job. He and his team hope to pave the future with a new energy source, Denathynol. It sounds nice and simple, but something brews under the surface. The world is experiencing peculiar mechanical malfunctions. It even reaches the site of the first plant, the hamlet of Bandigan Bay. As if that isn’t enough, a stranger in town, Garth, and his followers oppose the project. They are dangerous and appear to not only have a grand plan but understand much more than they are saying. The battle lines are being drawn and the truth will rock us all! JUMP into this Sci-fi mystery Exclusively on!

Happy Mother’s Day!

This is a day not just to celebrate your mom (Though that is very important!) It is a day to celebrate all mom’s in your life- be it mom, grandmothers, aunts, step moms, sisters, cousins, friends, girlfriends and wives – anyone woman in your life that has shown you or still shows you motherly qualities. Their contributions are not able to be measured accurately. As for your own mother? Remember, she gave you life…nuff said! So, short and sweet, to all moms in my life I wish you the very best today, tomorrow and everyday AND I thank you for your many positive contributions to enriching my life…to you I simple say thank you.